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Well…some of you are probably wondering where I have been?  I know the speculations…did she fall off the wagon?  Has she ballooned up to 300lbs again? 

Well, first off I’m happy to report that I have not fallen completely off the wagon…I was sliding for a minute, but I kept riding along with enough of a grip that thankfully I have not gained back weight.  Here is some recent “photographic evidence” from my little brother’s wedding a couple of weeks ago in Minnesota.  I’m proud of where I am…but not where I want to be!

I could claim I hit a plateau…yeah, a self-inflicted plateau.  See, what had happened was….all those good fatty foods that I had knocked off my radar started to creep back in.  I had a couple of months of a cheat here, and a cheat there, followed by enough days of good eating to get me back to my same weight.  To be honest I have been playing this yo-yo game since January…and looked up the other day and thought…this has GOT to stop. 

I’ve had loving and well-meaning friends and family tell me that no…I don’t ned to continue and knock off these last 30-40lbs…but in my heart, I know where I will feel comfortable, and I know I need to get there.  I’m not sure if it was all the compliments that I have gotten about my transformation, or just laziness that got me into stall mode, but rest assured as of yesterday…things are changing back for the better.

So last night, in 90+ degree heat, husband at my side, I hightailed it back to the gym.  I realized that was where my motivation, in large part, was coming from.  I had really been so focused on things going on with my family and life that I was not taking the time for me.  In my mind, I was taking the time for me by feeding myself all the badness I was craving, but I never felt “good”, even when it tasted great.   I know now that this journey will have ups and downs…let’s hope we don’t have any more of these LONG dry spells, but I’m proud that I nipped my lack of forward movement in the bud before I found myself gaining back everything that I fought so hard to lose!

So be prepared for many more posts…I’m going in hard…and let’s hope by the end of this year, we can put a bow on the gift of weight-loss that I am giving to myself!  LOVE to all of you for reading, and support!  MUAH!!

Let Them Eat CAKE!!

Hello, my name is Shannon, aka Chesty, and I’m a cake-a-holic.

Whew…admitting is the first of the 12 steps isn’t it?  I feel better, don’t you? 

As I mentioned before, and I will again, I love cake.  And by love I mean the oddly obsessed, stalker-ish type of love.  I have been 6 weeks without “the stuff”.  Cold sweats and night terrors eventually subsided, but like any addict, I can’t stop thinking about cake.  Now this is where the story gets good.  You are probably thinking this is where I fell of the wagon, chowed down some cake, right? 

Well, I did chow down some cake, but did not break the “bank” so to speak. That’s what I really love about the WW Program is the PLETHORA of recipes to try out.  Why buy or borrow a ton of cookbooks on eating light when you get thousands of recipes, with ratings and reviews.  So, I poured over pages of recipes, and printed up some that looked promising.  Craving chocolate cake, I decided to try a German Chocolate Upside Down Cake that sounded yummy. 

Sunday rolled around, and it was cake baking time!  The recipe was interesting, and I will feature it in the following post, to say the least.  I followed the recipe very carefully, but decided not to add the coconut.  I’m sort of on the fence about coconut, and I didn’t want to mess up my cake if I wasn’t in a coconut mood.   In hindsight, I should have added the coconut.  When it was cooked it was great, but the nuts didn’t make quite the carmelly topping of the picture.  It tasted great though and with the coconut, it’s a delight for any german chocolate cake loving dieter.  For a decent sized piece, it’s only 7 WW Points Plus Points, very well worth it if you ask me. 

Chesty Rating – 4+ (if made the right way)  😉

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