I originally started this blog in 2011, probably the same reason that anyone does.  I had the crazy opinion that people want to hear what’s on my mind!  All jokes aside, I began a fitness journey, then quite honestly fell back into bad habits. I’ve lost again over the years in between, but I’m apparently so lovable that nearly everything I lost found me again!

I decided 6/17/19 that I was going to finally kick the extra pounds that I had been carrying around with me…again! I feel like the best way to be true to it, and stick with it, is to blog my way through.  Maybe the added accountability of anyone who may be listening…well reading, will be the extra push I need.

I decided that the temporary mindset of a diet finally needed to go, and this was going to have to be a lifetime journey, otherwise I was doomed to fail again. I’ve taken my love of cooking, along with my deeply rooted inner foodie, and am slowly revamping all the dishes I love into healthier versions of themselves…in turn transitioning into the healthiest version of myself. I’m already down 57lbs, and maybe by sharing along the way, it will click for more of us on the same journey! I have alot of experiences to share, about losing weight, cooking, and life in general.  I hope something makes you smile, think, or decide to make a positive change.

So welcome, and wishing you Peace, Love, and Blessings!

Shannon (aka Chesty) 💖