If you are determined enough, you can do anything!

I’ve been MIA the last few weeks…you may have been thinking I gave up again.  I prefer to think I didn’t exactly quit the first time, just took a brief detour!  Ok, I did quit for a minute there, don’t judge me! 🙂

I realized these last 5 weeks back on Weight Watchers that  nothing was exactly hard about this process in the first place.  We just simply give ourselves one too many excuses to eat all the things that make us look and feel like crap, but taste so heavenly in the moment.   I had failed to see all along that if I bothered to take time I could make delicious meals that were good for my body too.

So my emphasis this time is simple…plan.  Plan, plan and plan!  I realized that if I take the laid back and half passed approach to weight loss that’s exactly what I would get…lazy half passed results. 

So my first couple of weeks I did some small things ahead, made my breakfast sandwiches with light high fiber English muffins, turkey sausage (Jimmy Dean), and egg, went back to my go-to but boring frozen diet lunches, and planned out healthy dinners.  It’s going great so far and in 4 weeks I’ve lost 11lbs!  I feel the joy of accomplishment that comes with these losses and I’m learning a whole new way to think about food.  I’m so glad to be in this place, I plan to blog much more often, and welcome you back to my journey…glad you’re joining me as Chesty Changes!