What is one of the first things that any child learns?  You learn visual things.  What a stop sign is….what caution is, what means “Do not enter” or “Danger”.

 Well, when I perused the cereal aisle last week, and saw a sale on the healthy Kashi “Go Lean” cereals, I thought I was going to have a health food breakthrough.  I love granola, and these looked to be granola-ish.  Promising, right?

 So I pick out three boxes, cuz of course the sale was not on ONE box, and think I’ve done something quite wise, as the box told me that I had.

 Sitting here now, well, more like levitating, I realize that there was not one single warning flag, emblem, or logo on this otherwise unassuming box.  Nothing to make me aware that after a day or two of this “Healthiness”, I would experience nothing less than Chinese New Year jumping out of my rear!

 I’m not being overly dramatic either!  These fiber packed pieces of cereal, if that’s what they call themselves, are apparently full of so much fiber that I am bloated, rumbly, and feeling like a balloon entry from the Macy’s Day Parade!

 This is probably all TMI, but if you can’t talk on a dieting blog about the ill effects of excessive fiber, where, I ask, can you talk about it?  This issue has got to be addressed!  I consider myself to have a pretty solid system, no food allergies, nothing that gives me too much trouble…well, now with the exception of excessive fiber.  I’m off the Kashi, effective immediately, and I suggest you test this out with caution…on a weekend, when you have no major plans.

 Flatulently Yours….Chesty