I never went to my prom…I don’t know why exactly.  I could have gotten a date, could have gotten a dress, but at the time I just thought I was too cool for school, so I didn’t bother to go.

Looking back, I often regretted not enjoying that rite of passage.  So this year, when the All Black Affair came around, the hubby and I decked ourselves out and went to party.  Not only was it a fun time, for me it was the first chance I would have to show off the lighter me!

After finding the perfect dress, matching up the right accessories, we headed out.  The hubby had thrown out all the stops, even gotten us a limo to and from the event.  I felt like such a princess, and much more confident knowing I was slimmer and looking better!  We had a fantastic time, and I finally got to feel like a princess, going to her prom with the best date a girl could ask for!!