Ok, maybe I should explain!  There’s really no need to call child protective services.  I have not literally lost anyone’s five-year old child.

I read a blog by a good friend of mine who recently lost over 100 lbs.  She posted at one point that she had “lost a child”.  It seemed to me to be SUCH a major milestone.  I knew I was going to try, but I never actually thought I would see that point for a long time. 

This week I reached two major milestones!  with week 11 of my new lifestyle under my belt, I was a little anxious as I got on the scale.  The last two weeks, my losses had been less than a pound, combined, and I was convinced that I was going to see a gain after my sampling of  Thanksgiving deliciousness.   I knew I hadn’t gone overboard, but I guess I was giving myself a hard time.

So I got on the scale, and was happy to see, well ecstatic to see that I had lost 3lbs since last week, bringing me over the 40lbs mark to 41.8 lbs total!  I kept thinking about that number all day, and when I was panting away on the elliptical last night I got to thinking, that was ALOT of weight.  I did a little looking, and sure enough, an average 5-year-old can weigh about 40lbs!  I think about moms trying to carry about a toddler who is 2 or even younger, and I thought, “Dang, I was basically carrying a 5-year-old on my back, waist, and thighs, every day!  That can explain why I have so much more energy, and how I just feel “lighter”…cuz I am! 

Next we’re going for the nifty fifty!  I told myself I wanted to lose  50 lbs in 6 months…now with 8.2lbs to go at the three-month mark, here’s hoping that I can do it in 4 instead!!!

Happy Eating!!