Let me start off by wishing everyone a happy Sunday!  It’s been a busy week, and weekend, but I wanted to take a little time tonight to update the  blog world.  Weigh in day is not until tomorrow, but there’s some positive progress that I’ve got to share!

I’m sure you all remember the progress pants!  If not, let me update everyone.  Basically, it’s a pair of expensive Seven for Mankind jeans that I bought probably 7 years ago, and wore less than 7 times.  They were too snug when I bought them, and I didn’t fit into them for long.  They are not the final size I want to be, but I set them as my progress piece, to see that I was making steps in the right direction.

I didn’t blog about it, but I tried those fateful pants on a few weeks ago, they were closer to closing, but still a good inch from buttoning.  Well last weekend, after an invigorating workout, I slid into the pants to see what the deal was…AND *dramatic pause* they FIT!








Now when I say “fit”, that means that I could get them buttoned without laying down or busting a blood vessel.  I won’t say that they fit well, as there is still some serious muffin top bubbling out of them, but I’ve come pretty far from barely being able to get them up over my rear 6 weeks ago. 

Now as you can see, there’s still some work to be done before these get worn out in public.  It’s just a great feeling to see some real success when you’ve been working so hard.  I’m excited to see what I’ve lost this week, but even more than the number on the scale, I’m starting to see a real change in my body.  To me, that is what keeps me moving.  I’ve decided it’s going to be an ongoing adventure.  I’m calling it, “Let’s see how fine I can get”!  LOL…I’ll keep you all posted! 😉