I think as I transition into this new healthier lifestyle, I need to make time for things besides working, cooking, and eating tasty food.  I always enjoyed  hobbies and other things, I find that filling my time with projects helps me not think about all the greasy sugary good things that I’m not eating, and shouldn’t be thinking about.

I’m late in posting this one…as this is a weekend project I did two weekends ago, or is it three now?  Anyways, a FEW weekends ago, I decided to finally tackle a project that I had been putting off for quite a while, painting our bedroom.  I bought paint and looked at it for months, but finally decided that I would buckle down and get it done.

Three walls were done, solid and lovely with the Taupe-ish color, and as I looked at the 4th wall I decided I was going to do an accent wall.  I will pause now to say that I blame Home Depot, or Loews, or whomever showed a flash of a design wall on their commercial.  I’m highly influential in things like this, and it’s their fault I started this!  I had gotten plenty of painter’s tape, so with my freshly washed white wall staring back at me, I went to work.

The design that I decided to attempt was interlocking squares.  You basically measure squares, lay down tape, then paint over when you finish.  When you remove the tape, anywhere the tape was applied stays the base wall color, and everything else is freshly painted.  As I type this, and I’m sure as you read it, it sounds very simple.  The operative word is SOUNDS.  Before you try anything like this, make sure that you set aside a LARGE amount of time.  I didn’t do a large wall, but you need to have hours of time to properly measure and tape off the squares.  I didn’t time exactly how long it took, but it was a while.

The plus side of all the reaching, measuring, and taping was the great workout I got.  I got up and down off the chair a zillion times, moving it from side to side, and my rump, thighs, and calves were feeling the BURN when I was done.

When you reach the bottom of the wall, you get all excited to finally be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The painting part is simple.  I will advise here, that the experts suggest that you paint over the tape with the base color of the wall, and let it set to avoid paint bleedthrough.  I highly suggest doing that.  I didn’t have any of the base color for my spur of the moment decision, and therefore had to get some and patch up the areas where my paint did bleed through.  Not a huge deal, but I think it’d be easier to avoid it in the first place.

We are loving the new room!  The results look great and it was well worth the effort!  I think about all the calories burned, and the fact that I wasn’t thinking about eating at all during this project, and I consider it a total success!