Happy Monday to all my fellow fat abashers!  It comes around so fast, Monday does.  I strategically plan my weigh in days for Monday, so that I don’t feel like I have free range to pig out all weekend.

So weigh in rolled around this morning, I jumped on my new high tech scale, and taaa daaah, 3.3 more lbs dropped!  I was super happy, knowing that my 6 and 9lbs weight losses weren’t going to last forever, I still feel that 3.3lbs shows a good effort! 

What could have had me down on such a great morning?  Well I was thinking how people keep saying they can notice they have shrunk a clothing side or two by the 28lbs point.  But then I had to tell myself, I wear alot of leggings and tunics, I’m not going to notice the difference as quickly as when you are wearing tailored pants.  So I consoled myself that it wasn’t a big deal, and shuffled off to get dressed.

Well as I grabbed my normal clothes, I reached for one of my trusty Spanx.  Sweet wonderful Spanx, the things that fat girls use to hide the rolls, the ripples, the chunks, and the dimples.  I wear them under most anything fitted, even more often since I’ve been carrying more excess pounds than normal.  No one loves them, but we love the effect.  So we wiggle and pour ourselves into them, smooth out all the lumps, then put our clothes on. 

So I said to myself, “Self, with 28.3lbs lost I should be able to see some difference in my normal clothes.”  So, I threw on my leggings and a more fitted tunic top, and peeked at the full length mirror, preparing for the worst.  Well I opened my eyes and tah dah, I didn’t see a lump, not even a side lump.  I let all the air I was holding in out, and still no lumps.  Wow!  I did a test walk, to make sure I wasn’t jiggling, and nope.  I was good to go!

So I said buh-bye to the Spanx…not for good yet, but at least with this outfit.  And hell, I think tonight I’m going to throw on my progress jeans, see how that mission is coming along.   But it felt great to be able to walk out the house with confidence, minus my fat restraint, and know that I was on the right track!