Good morning, and happy Friday!  You may recall my whining post from yesterday, discussing the “Great Weight Debate”.  In all honesty, probably the only person debating it was me, but to me it was a great issue!  Well, no sooner had I resolved myself to stick with the weight that my janky scale at home was giving me, than I got a phone call from my husband, telling me that a package had arrived in the mail.

What does one thing have to do with another you ask?  Wait for it….the perfect gift of all gifts was inside this box.  Pictured above, in all it’s shiny goodness, is my new, wonderful digital scale!  My mom and I had been discussing my scale and she so sweetly ordered me this deluxe Weight Watcher’s contraption.

I call it a contraption because this, my fluffy friends, is FAR more than your average scale!  Maybe this is old news to all of you, but since I have not been diligently dieting in years, this new fangled type of scale boggled my mind!  Not only would it take my weight accurately up to 350lbs, the box also bragged that this “wonder machine” would take my BMI, my body fat percentage, my body fat weight, the percentage of water in my body, and my bone mass. 

I raised one eyebrow and opened the box, half expecting Dr. Oz and that damn Truth Tube that he always uses to read people’s vitals on his show.  I pondered what kind of device could read all this stuff, and worried they may want a sample of blood, a pinch of fat, or some otherwise unfun procedure to read all those figures.

Well, it was just a scale on the box, and a thin instruction book.  As I read on, I found out that all of these things will read automatically, just from the bottoms of your bare feet.  So sceptical, I set it up the way it instructed (you can personalize it for up to 4 users), then stepped on.  The first thing I noticed is that it did give me a different (and higher *insert fist shake*) weight than my other scale, but when I got off, and got back on, I got the SAME weight. 

After settling in that THAT was my “real weight”, I stepped on again, and the scale ran through all of my facts and figures.  It amazed me still how that danggone thing could read all of my stuff just from my feet.  I even peeked behind the shower curtain…just to make SURE Dr. Oz wasn’t hiding there…and nope…just me and the scale! 

So, big plus is that I have a great new accurate scale, where I can now track both my weight loss and my BMI.  I did have to bite the bullet today and went into my Weight Watchers site and adjusted all of my weights.  It makes me about 13lbs heavier than I thought I was, but heck, I still have lost 25lbs so I’m not going to worry about a number.  I think that my tracking will be a lot more factual, and I’m looking forward to Monday and a fresh VALID weigh in start! 

Thanks to my mom for the great gift, and my husband for the beautiful flowers and card of encouragement that he fave me last week.  With that kind of great support, along with all my fabulous blog followers, how can I fail!?

Happy munching!!