I’m having one of those “really?” moments fellow fat fighters. 25lbs into my weight loss, there’s something a muck! Yes, the scales of the world have plotted against me!

Perhaps I’m being overly dramatic. Maybe I shouldn’t take numbers so seriously…but I DO! The deal is this…my trusty home scale, which I’ve been using since day 1, is apparently on crack. Probably my fault for being cheap and buying a bargain basement scale, but I realized it weighs me in about 10lbs less than the gym scale. I weighed in yesterday on my mom’s pricier scale…still 10lbs more!

Frankly, its messing with my head! I’m disappointed because it appears I weigh/weighed more than I thought. I was feeling disappointed, but realize I have still lost 25lbs…and I will roll forward from there. In fact I think I’m sticking with that lower weight…@ least for now. Heck you know my motto…whatever gets you through the day!!

Have a great one!!