So I’m @ work this morning, and I’m praying no one asks what my odd new perfume is. See, the thing is, this is my normal perfume, mixed with the aroma of burnt taco shells.

There was a small taco shell charring this morning while I speedily tried to make my healthy breakfast. I’m far from a morning person, and as I simultaneously attempted to apply makeup and toast english muffins under the broiler, I began to smell something burning. I had taken the english muffins out and turned off the broiler, but I still smelled it. So I open the oven, and am hit with a cloud of smoke. Two black taco shells sat smoking…apparently a leftover of someone’s dinner last night. Now I’m not naming names…but I had fish *raised eyebrow*.

Anyways…I threw the pan n the burnt shells in the sink…but with no time to re-shower I am sure my hair smells like Blackened Corn flour…and trust me, that’s not a good smell. So I’m distancing myself from people…yet another struggle us dieters go through! Tonight I shall brainstorm how to streamline this breakfast making…before I burn up something I need!

Smokily yours….Chesty 🙂