Yoplait Light Fat Free Yogurt – Red Velvet Cake / Rating – 4+

Now those who know me understand that I consider myself quite the expert in the area of all things cake.  I love cake…anything with the word cake in it, panniecakes, cuppiecakes, you name it.  I have forced myself not to think about the sweet, tasty stuff much since starting this diet…but that all changed Saturday.

There I was, wandering the aisles of Wal-Mart this weekend stocking up on my good eats for the week, when I passed the yogurt section.  I needed to stock up, so I started to check out the huge variety of flavors that Yoplait had.   First I spotted banana creme pie, then cherry cheesecake, and then (pause for dramatic effect) RED VELVET CAKE.  Yes, I re-read the container pictured above to make sure I was reading right.  But indeed, that’s what it said.

So I pondered for a while, effectively blocking other shoppers from the Yoplait section, while I debated if I wanted to risk the 60 cents.  Well being that it was only 60 cents, the red velvet, along with the banana creme pie and the berry totre something or another, all ended up in the cart and on the way to my fridge.

So last night after dinner, I had a hankering for something sweet.  As my hubby dove into some Ben and Jerry’s, I reached for the Red Velvet Cake yogurt.  The hubs was none too interested in taste testing with me, especially after he confirmed that there were no actual cake pieces inside, so I went it alone.

Yum…that’s what I said, and the more I ate, the more yums I said.  Now, it’s nothing like cake…but it TASTES like liquid cake.  It almost tricks your mind into thinking you are eating cake.  It had the tang of yogurt, but it was like eating the cake and the divine cream cheese frosting.  I literally wanted to lick the container out when it was gone.  Well ok, I tried, but the edge was sharp I didn’t wanna cut my tongue.

So as far as the Chesty Rating system, I give it a 4 because it’s nothing like cake, but a strong 4+, because it really gave my sweet craving taste buds a treat!