Progress Pants

Yup, those would be them.  We all have clothing items fitting ther description of the afformentioned (and pictured) progress pants.  You may not know they ARE progress pants however, so let me explain.

Sitting deep in the depths of our closet, out of normal reach, but not yet headed to the “donate to charity” pile, sit a small gathering of clothes.  Typically kept due to their classic design, coupled with the fact that they have not fit you for several years, but you love them and just can’t let em go!  Now, some of us are more extreme, your progress pants may be just a size or two too small, such as the pair featured above, or they may be 6 sizes too small.  You may have a daggone range of sizes in there from 6 to 16, all with one thing in common: your fluffy behind can’t fit into any of them!

Sad but true, and we move past these clothes every time we clean out our closet, saying to ourself, “I WILL fit into these Seven Jeans.  I wore them about 3 times, and paid waaay too much for them, and I am gonna fit into them again!”  Oh, yeah, that was me saying that…please insert whatever clothing item you are currently looking at.  Like me, you may try to pour and coax your meat into said clothing item…only to end up red-faced and sweating, with a muffin of extra fat hanging out of the top or bottom of the fabric, if not both.  Hopefully you didn’t start to cry or pull a muscle…sadly I’d bet both have happened countless times.

So my point is this.  We need motivation.  Fitting into a piece of clothing we did and still do love will give us a great boost of that!  Now, the plan is, if, as in my case, you’ve got a pretty large number of pounds to lose, you’re going to need little victories along the way.  My first will be these pants.  I want you all to pick that clothing item too, or tell me about one you’ve already conquered.  I won’t be at my goal when I can again fit into these jeans (and button them), but it will be a big step in the right direction! 

So let me know what you pick, and I’ll keep you posted on my progress.  And when the jeans fit without a frightening muffin top, I will post an update with a picture of my success.  With 19lbs down, I can now get them up to my waist, something that wasn’t possible a few months back.  So…wish me luck, and with that, goodnight!