Hold it right there!  Before you take another step towards the store…read this first!

I’m sure we’ve all been there.  You start out a diet, rush to the store, and drain your bank account purchasing everything that you pass that has the words “low-fat” or “fat free” on their label.   You smile with confidence, thinking you will still be able to eat all the great foods you always ate, just the low fat versions.

Then your fat girl bubble breaks….you go home, start tasting some of these “treats”, and half the stuff looks and tastes nothing like the original.  Often times that propels us into a slight food depression, thinking man, what a waste of time and money. 

Breathe easy now fellow weight watchers..because Chesty is here to help!   I’ve decided to selflessly subject myself to the testing of all foods low fat or fat free.  Gimme your poor, your tired masses…oh wait wrong speech!  Give me your ideas on what you have been wondering about, and I will try it!  I’ve devised a clever rating system, which I will break down below:

5 – Delish, I couldn’t tell the difference, tasted just like the real thing.

4 – Yum, very close to the original full-fat version, very minor taste differences.

3 – Doable, while you can taste and tell it’s obviously not the full-fat version, it’s a livable substitute.

2 – Hmmpft, while not gag worthy, these foods are lacking in normal flavor, tasting overly “fake”.

1 – Trashable, the worst of the worst.  Not even worthy of being placed in your cart.

Now, taste is subject, so I’m not claiming to be the food guru of flavortown here.  You may love something that I don’t, or you may hate something that I thought tasted pretty yummy. If so I say tell me…no judgement here.  Maybe you have an option that me and my readers would like even better!  With that said..let’s break down some vittles!

Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Patties / Rating – 5

I like to call these my little buddies!  If I said I loved them it would be an understatement.  When I began this diet I was surprised at the new push for protein.  I used to consider a low cal breakfast some cereal and skim milk, and was lacking any kind of protein.  My good friend and fellow blogger Amy (www.formerfatbitch.wordpress.com) suggested I try these, or the Morning Farm brand, which I believe are meatless.  I’m far from a fan of turkey bacon, so sceptical is putting it lightly.  They are great tho, even the hubby eats them in breakfast sandwiches with me.  Far more affordable than McDonald’s, and you still feel like your eating a normal, full fat breakfast goodie.  Definitely Chesty tested, Chesty approved!

Thomas’ Triple Health Light English Muffins / Rating – 5

The perfect accompaniment to my turkey sausage and egg whites in the morning, these Thomas’ English Muffins are as good as the real thing.  If you fed me in a blind taste test I wouldn’t know the difference.  I also eat the multi-grain version, but if you are not a fan or wheat, these look and taste like a normal english muffin with less calories and more fiber.  Great toasted!


 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Light / Rating – 4

Margarine or Butter…it’s kinda like the great Coke and Pepsi debate.   Some people swear by butter, only butter, and some think margarine is the way to go.  I realize that butter is necessary for some things, but if you’re dieting, margarine is one of those things that you want to cut out as much as possible because a tiny bit adds up to quick points.  Light margarine in my opinion is a great substitute.  I didn’t give it a 5 as it won’t be a perfect sub for butter in all things, but on toast, your veggies, or in some light mashed potatoes, it will make you feel sinful without the guilt!

Land O’ Lakes Fat Free Half and Half / Rating – 5

As a coffee lover, this is the perfect partner to my daily cup…or cups.  I did not notice any difference from my normal half and half.  It gave me the same creaminess and flavor without using one of my precious points!  I’d highly recommend this to any dieter!

Kemps Light Sour Cream / Rating – 3

A great way to cut the fat, and keep the fatty flavor.  If you just taste it alone, you will know that it’s not full fat, but I’ve used it on both tacos, fajitas, and in mashed potatoes, and it tastes great in all of the above.  Add some, along with a little light margarine to a baked potato and you’ll be in fake fatty heaven.

Ok…so enough tasting for today.  Make sure to share your suggestions for what you’d like me to try next, or email me at schestnut22@gmail.com.