Happy Sunday to all my weight movers and shakers.  If you are anything like me, you have long been a lover of coffee.  I call it my do-it fluid, my ace in the hole, my wake-up call.   Whatever you want to call it, me, and millions of others love their morning cup of “Joe”. 

Sad thing about many diets is they discourage coffee drinking.  Being as that thought alone brings tears to my eyes, I was pleasantly surprised the other day to hear Dr. Oz talking about the fact that coffee and green tea are known to actually boost your metabolism!  Needless to say I made a bee-line to the coffee maker! 

Counting points, I have realized that if you like your coffee like mine, sweet and creamy, that I was “wasting” alot of points on the half and half and sugar I needed in my cup.  I’ve learned some great tips for “thinning down” my favorite mug, which I will list below.  I have also included an excerpt from Livestrong.com, an article discussing the good and the bad of coffee consumption while watching calories.  I hope you enjoy, and sip happily!

Coffee Slim Down Tips 

  1. Cut out the sugary sweetened creamers!  Hazelnut and Mocha Caramel Frappe creamer all sound divine, but check out the labels, and if you are into the flavored coffee, instead of adding flavor through the creamer buy flavored coffee, and eliminate all the calories.
  2. What you don’t miss can’t hurt you.  While I can’t drink my coffee black, I also can’t stomach the powdery fat free creamers.  I was allowing myself the point for regular half and half, but while checking out the dairy section of my super Wal-Mart, I came across Fat Free Half and Half.  I field tested it on my hubby, who will be the first to tell me if he notices a difference, and he was none the wiser.  I loved it too, coffee was just as creamy and I could save that point for something I’d actually chew!
  3.   Sugar isn’t all that’s sweet!  I’m not a fan of artificial sweetners for the most part.  Sweet N Low and Equal both taste fake to me.  I’ve gone back to Splenda.  For me, it gets you close to sugar without using any points.  Truvia is another good option, a little pricier but gives a natural taste.  I’d suggest trying a small package of each until you find what does it for you!

Increasing Metabolism with Coffee

Coffee increased metabolism in a study conducted in 1980 published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, “Caffeine and Coffee: Their Influence on Metabolic Rate and Substrate Utilization in Normal Weight and Obese Individuals.” This study revealed that metabolism was increased three hours after coffee consumption in overweight and average-weight individuals. Although metabolism was increased for both groups, fat oxidation, the process in which fats are broken down, only occurred in the normal-weight group. There is much controversy over whether or not this increase in metabolism actually leads to a significant amount of weight loss. Even so, many people use coffee to boost energy levels and start their day effectively, potentially leading to a productive, active lifestyle.

Caffeinated Beverages and Weight Gain

While coffee and other caffeinated beverages have been shown to increase metabolism, they can also cause weight gain. This is not due to the caffeine itself, but due to speciality coffee drinks, coffee creamers, sodas, and energy drinks that contain large amounts of sugar. Sugars, when consumed in excess, are stored as fat within the body. Even when caffeine is consumed along with the sugar, the boost in metabolism is not enough to metabolize the sugars present in the caffeinated drinks and it is usually stored as fat instead of being used as energy. To avoid weight gain, consume black coffee, sugar free sodas and sugar free energy drinks.

Other Ways to Boost Metabolism

The best way to boost metabolism is to exercise regularly. Cardiovascular exercise increases the heart rate during exercise and boosts metabolism, causing extra calories to burn off. Even after exercise is completed, the metabolism remains elevated for hours after the work-out is completed. Strength training is another way to boost metabolism. Muscle is more effective than fat at raising metabolic levels, so increasing muscle mass will boost metabolism. If you have a muscular build, you will be more likely to burn more calories at a resting state than an individual with a lower muscle mass. Eating small, frequent meals will boost metabolism. Skipping meals slows the metabolism because no extra calories are there for it to process. By eating healthy and frequent meals, the metabolism is always working, and more calories are being burned.


Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/518973-does-drinking-coffee-help-speed-metabolism/#ixzz1aK2fWAhr