Happy Monday!

I found myself waking up this morning with an odd feeling. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it…and as I pondered I realized…I was excited!

No I wasn’t going shopping, its not Christmas morning. It’s weigh in day!! I laughed @ myself because trust me when I say, this is a MAJOR change in Chesty! I hate my weight, seeing it, discussing it, anything! But here I was, week 3, still excited to jump on the scale.

I nervously eyed it up…never my adversary, the scale and I long disliked each other. I even banned them from my house for about 5 years…so as excited as I was, I swallowed my nerves and stepped on. After all, I knew I’d been diligent, and working out, so nothing to fear right?

Wrong…the scale told me I had gained 4lbs! Impossible I shouted! So I get off and look…I was too cheap to buy digital and the scale was miscalibrated. So I adjust it…step back on….exhale all extra air weight, and look down…5 more lbs gone!!

What a great feeling! 19lbs in 3 weeks…almost like my body was dying to diet! That alone is the motivation to keep me plugging on. So regardless of your weigh in date…and regardless of the number…just know that even half a pound is half a pound less than the week before!

Oh…btw…two week measurement progress later…I’ll keep you all posted!! Happy dieting!!