Well good morning to all my fellow dieters, non-dieters, and the like.

Today is a crucial day for me…i’m re-joining the gym.  Yeah, re-joining.  Don’t act like im the first one of us that’s cancelled or dropped a gym membership, or worse yet kept paying for a monthly gym membership that we weren’t using.  Well, guilty as charged.  My husband bought me a membership last year, but I was stubborn and lazy and I don’t know what else…and just wasn’t going, so we cancelled it.

My first week on the diet, I was not working out at all.  I won’t try to fudge that, I wasn’t.  I’m not one of those people that will say how great working out is, and I highly doubt I would ever become addicted, but I do know that its an absolute necessity to what Im working to accomplish.  Week one I had good intentions, week two good excuses.  I did do a day of Pilates last week, but was soooo sore after Jillian Michaels finished with me that I was limping around like I’d been bull riding!  Got my 6 week body makeover, and as any other plans, it stressed cardio.

I don’t know where you may be at reading this blog, but if you know anything about Wisconsin (where I currently live) there is no guarantee of good weather in the fall, and in the winter, unless you want to trudge through snow and ice, it’s doubtful that you will be getting in your cardio outside.  I did workout three times this past week, Pilates, muscle sculpting, and even a brisk 8 lap walk at the park.  I am getting into the groove and don’t want to give myself an out, like I always do, and blame the bad weather for my lack of exercise.  I am NOT going to look like a deflated balloon at the end of this process and lose more muscle than I do fat, which was my problem before as I would diet, but never work out consistently.

So this is the plan….after work I am doing the walk of shame back to Anytime Fitness, with my hubbies Butter Burger loving self in tow, and we’re going to sign up again.  Not only will we sign up, but we are committing to a year.  If I don’t stick to it this time, I have no one to blame but myself…and I think the fact that I will be paying whether I go or not should keep me on track.

So signing off for now, but I will post back later and update you on how things went.  One plus is this gym is literally a block from my house…giving me one less excuse for why I can’t get there!  🙂

Happy and Healthy Munching!!